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Today we are at 9th generation of vaidya family . Valueable knowledge has been transferred from generation to generation by our forefathers . Sree Kochukunju Smaraka or SKS was found by purushothaman vaidyar , on be half of his father Kochukunju vaidyar later it became more established by Dr P Chandra Bhanu DAM son of purushothaman vaidyar,MY FATHER. We have a unique way of approach and treatments of all ailments.we treat from the root cause of any disease.The combination of traditional and scientific concepts Make us unique as well.Each patients will have very personalized attention from doctors .

What We Offer

Traditional medical procedures are provided by SKS Back & Brain Clinic in Kerala to guarantee the efficacy of care. To maintain Ayurveda's reputation, we are working with a fantastic team of professionals. Staying healthy throughout your life is something we encourage.

Therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic yoga will be offered by SKS Back & Brain Clinic and will be tailored to each patient's condition.


Acupuncture services are provided by SKS Back & Brain Clinic.Through acupuncture, we may treat many types of illnesses without the need of drugs or surgery.


To help you recover from and avoid the injuries that restrict you from living an active life, SKS Back & Brain Clinic provides physiotherapy treatments.

Clinical nutrition

The personalised dietary plan is available to you at SKS Back & Brain Clinic.We help you make the best eating decisions by planning and guiding you.

Exercise therapy for

Process starts with examination and diagnosis by professionals, followed by treatment and rehabilitation provided by physiotherapists specially trained to address each problem.


Chiropractic care is provided at SKS Back & Brain Clinic.additionally, we provide a skilled chiropractor who may assist in resolving issues with the bones, muscles, and joints.

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are available at SKS Back & Brain Clinic; these have less negative effects even when taken for a longer period of time and enhance general wellness.

Nutrition supplements

Nutritional supplements are available from SKS Back & Brain Clinic. It contains enzymes, amino acids, minerals, and herbs.These are necessities for a better existence.

Why Choose Us

We address any disease’s underlying causes.We are also distinctive because of the fusion of conventional and scientific ideas.Each patient will receive highly individualised care from the experts.

Holistic Approach

To achieve the best possible treatment results, our medical specialists combine their clinical expertise with cutting-edge therapy modalities, lifestyle modification, exercise advice, and nutritional counselling.

Root-Cause Focused

Our professional staff is skilled at evaluating, diagnosing, and treating to target the root-cause of your problem and not just the symptoms of the disease (where possible).

Qualified Doctors

Based on a patient’s clinical presentation and treatment requirements, our specialists are skilled at developing extremely successful non-surgical treatment programmes.

Advanced Modalities

Our professional staff has years of experience using cutting-edge, licenced therapy modalities, either individually or in combination, to guarantee patients receive highly effective care.


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